Warning on third-country of OFWs to Poland

Jun 15 2021

It has come to the attention of this Administration that many Filipino workers working abroad (reportedly especially those in Taiwan and the United Arab Emirates) are falling victim to third-country hiring scheme. Under this scheme, many Filipino worker are recruited to work in Poland by unscrupulous recruiters outside the Philippines.  They are often collected exorbitant fees only to later find that they were promised false employment. Those deployed often encounter problems in their employment or immigration status once they reach Poland.

To avoid third-country hiring and its dangers, this Administration encourages all Filipino workers desiring to work in Poland to deal only with licensed Philippine recruitment agencies in the Philippines that have valid and POEA-approved job orders for Filipino workers in Poland. This is to ensure that Filipino workers are properly documented when going to Poland thereby also ensuring  the legitimacy  of their employment and the protection of their welfare.

Considering that there is a ban on direct hiring save only in few instances prescribed by law, direct hiring as path to working in Poland is restrictive and not a very viable option.

Workers and all licensed Philippine recruitment agencies should note that if allowable placement fees charged from workers shall not exceed the equivalent of a workers monthly salary. Charging or collecting excessive placement fee is a recruitment violation for which the imposable penalty as per existing rules is cancellation of license.

A list of licensed Philippines recruitment agencies with job orders or vacancies for Pland can be viewed in this Administration;s website POEA GOV.PH.

For the information and guidance of all concerned. (POEA)

Read : Advisory-76-2021