More OFWs needed in Abu Dhabi as UAE economy reopens

July 24, 2021

Companies and businesses in Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) are slowly opening, giving job opportunities to migrant workers including overseas Filipino workers (OFWs).

In a virtual forum on Friday, Labor Attaché Manuel Dimaano of the Philippine Overseas Labor Office (POLO) in the host country said the Arab economy is slowly opening based on the job order requests they receive from employers.

“We can see that one of the indicators is the job order requests we received from employers, companies. Compared to last year, the number is much higher now. From January to June, 2021, we have received almost 4,000 job order requests or manpower requests coming from companies,” he said.

Among the needed workers are household services workers (HSWs), medical workers such as nurses.

“Majority of the workers come from HSWs, second, are nurses. They are also looking for personal services workers like manicurists and makeup artists and then technicians for technical jobs,” Dimaano said.

He said in 2019, job order requests they received were at 10,000, and last year they only received over 1,500.

“There was a decrease in the job order requests last year but it started to pick up this year. There is an indication that a number of businesses are opening, although not fully, at least gradually,” Dimaano added.

There are 19 classifications of HSWs in the Arab state, among them babysitters, nannies, house helpers, private tutors, drivers, and security guards. (PNA)