Abolition of Re-Entry Visa for Re-Entering Nigeria

To facilitate the departure of expatriates and their employers in Nige「ia, the Nigerian Immigration Service (NIS) issued a Circular that it shall abolish the requirement of 「e-entry visas for 「e-entering Nigeria by expat「iates who a「e holders of valid residence permits, also known as Combined Expatriate Residence Permit and Residence Card (CERPAC) as well as holde「S of Temporary CERPAC Receipts purchased for the purpose of processing their legal residence.

However, all accredited diplomats and their d미y registered dependents in Foreign Missions in Nigeria shall continue to enjoy the issuance of re-entry visas (gratis) within the period of their accreditation.

For information and guidance.

POEA ADVISORY 19 Series 2015 (7 July 2015)